Yard Debris Recycling: Saturday, November 14

Are you looking for an ecologically friendly way to dispose of those beautiful fall leaves decorating your lawn? Many folks have been setting bags of leaves out for the garbage over the past few weeks. Unfortunately if you set these bags out with your weekly garbage pick up they will end up in a landfill – whether they are in paper yard bags or not. However, the City of Pittsburgh has a Yard Debris Recycling pick up scheduled for this Saturday November 14th! If you have bagged leaves / bundled brush, you should set them on the curb Friday evening for an early Saturday pick up. The City is only able to offer this service twice a year – the next being in mid May 2016.
Stanton Heights Neighborhood Clean up 2012 038Between Nov 15th and May, you can take your leaves and grass clippings to the Stanton Heights Neighborhood Composting Program site to be responsibly recycled. The Stanton Heights Neighborhood Compost Program site is located on Stanton Ave. between the intersection of Stanton and McCandless and Stanton and Woodbine. Look for the large pile of leaves to the left of the tree next to the big wooden compost bin. Please take any brush or branches to Agrecycle.  http://agrecycle.com/

The Stanton Heights Community Composting Program helps responsibly funnel landscaping and yard waste and prevent dumping at other sites and provides community members with compost to use in their yards.
For more information about this Urban EcoStewards project feel free to contact Mike Sturges at mjpsturges [at] gmail.com or 412-606-7542.

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