Stanton Heights Receives $10,000 PWSA Grant

Sign Concept

Phase II Rain Garden Conceptual Drawing

The Stanton Heights Neighborhood Association is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a $10,000 grant through the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority’s Green Infrastructure program! The program supports projects focused on developing infrastructure to reduce storm-water runoff throughout the city. These funds will be used to complete Phase II of our rain garden project: removing concrete, planting native species, and adding educational signage at the gateway into Stanton Heights from Lawrenceville. Phase I was recently completed utilizing a $1000 Love Your Block grant and in-kind donations from Pittsburgh’s Department of Public Works to add native species and create curb cuts into an area of hard-packed soil & weeds that will allow for greater water absorption. Phase II will expand the garden across the street and further decrease storm-water runoff by removing the impermeable concrete and adding additional native plants. Signage will also be installed at the site to share information on the value and purpose of the garden, in addition to welcoming individuals to the community.

As planning for this next phase of our rain garden begins, we will share opportunities on our website and via social media for our community to become more engaged. A large project like this can not be done without the incredible support of the many volunteers within our neighborhood. Thank you to those who have already shared their time and energy to this project! We look forward to working with PWSA to continue greening and beautifying our community.

An official PWSA press release can be found here.


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