Clean Up Stanton Heights!

Clean Up Stanton Heights!

Here’s your chance to take pride in Stanton Heights and show our community that we care about how our neighborhood looks.

The Stanton Heights Neighborhood Association invites you to go outside and clean up your block and nearby blocks as your time, your back, and your energy permit.

Within just a few minutes, you’ll likely fill a plastic grocery bag. Then, feel free to fill a second bag, or even a third bag. With lots of us helping, we’ll make a huge difference. If your street is clean, consider helping to clean some of the entranceways to Stanton Heights, or consider cleaning your sidewalk and street.

The Department of Public Works will pick up litter Saturday in front of Sunnyside Elementary School; both intersections of Stanton and Woodbine; and near the Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall.

Please store other bags in your garbage can until it’s time for trash collection, and then wash up. (If it’s raining the morning of April 24, please take part at some other time during Earth Week.)

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