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Seeking Ideas for Dinan Park!

sunnyside playgroundWhat improvements would you like to see for the area behind Sunnyside Elementary? The Stanton Heights Neighborhood Association is collecting feedback from the community to share with Councilwoman Deb Gross’ office. We need your help to advocate for the interests of our neighborhood within the capital budget! We know it’s not easy for everyone to attend our monthly meetings, that’s why we are asking for less than 2 minutes of your time to make this a community decision by sharing your thoughts using the survey link below. Thank you in advance, and please share this survey with your neighbors!

Dinan Park Survey



Clean Up Success!

Despite the temperatures and wind, the Stanton Heights Community Cleanup was a complete success! Thank you to everyone who participated! Click here or on the photo at left to check out photos from the event.  The community would like to extend a special thank you to event organizer Michael Sturges, who for the second year in a row spent countless hours to make the clean up possible. Michael gave the following recap:

We had 32 volunteers for the event. Thanks so much to  the residents of Stanton Heights and Citizen Care Inc. for your commitment to this project.Clean up statistics:  The clean up focused on the Stanton and Woodbine greenspace as well as parts of Woodbine St., Coleridge St., and Christopher St.
These are the numbers:
  • 500 pounds of mixed unbagged debris,
  • 100 pounds of scrap metal,
  • 6 tires,
  • 35 bags of garbage, 
  • 5  bags of invasive species (japanese knotweed).

All of this debris was left on the intersection of Stanton and Woodbine until DPW can pick it up.  We were also able to remove 5 buckets of garlic mustard which will be composted. About 50 vines were removed but left on site.  In addition to this, we were able to move 8 tons of concrete from the Stanton and Woodbine greenspace to be recycled.  A special thanks to Mark Biggs of Sharper Cut LLC for donating his dumptruck and time to move this concrete.

Flower bed :  
A special thanks to the volunteers who helped to plant the flower bed and to Mike Rizk for donating the mulch for the bed.

Storm drains:  We were also able to use a stencil to spray the storm drains around the greenpace to say DO NOT DUMP WASTE DRAINS TO RIVER. Thanks to PWSA for the stencil and paint and for donating 100 bottles of water for the thirsty volunteers.

Although we did not have as many volunteers as last year, we still accomplished a lot.  We still removed the same tonnage of concrete as last year–8 tons.  We removed less litter and illegally dumped items but this is because we did such a good job removing it last year and we have not had a lot of return dumping except for concrete and landscaping debris. There was noticeably less garlic mustard on the site than last year, however there was an increase of japanese knotweed which will need to be a focus for future years.

What’s Next?

Urban Ecostewards:  A group of Urban EcoSteward volunteers has been working on this greenspace since  last years clean up to remove illegally dumped items and invasive species. Bevery Stennett, Jennifer Sturges Trillium Reynolds and her sons should all be applauded for their efforts working up to this clean up.  Let us know if you would like to join this group of volunteers in the future.

Staying on top of future dumping:  To all Stanton Heights residents, we could really use your help with keeping an eye on future dumping.  We need to be vigilant  and need to move dumped materials out of the property ASAP so that people realize that we are a community that will not look the other way anymore.

Community Park:  The Stanton Heights Neighborhood Association will be getting word out about future meetings to discuss  the proposal of a community park on the greenspace.  A meeting date of April 29th is currently set but a time and location has not been chosen.Thank you Stanton Heights Neighborhood Association for donating lunch for the volunteers, thank you Allegheny CleanWays for the supplies and support.

Clean Up Stanton Heights this Saturday!

WHAT:       Cleanup of litter and beautification
WHEN:       Saturday April 20, 2013 9:00 am – 12:00 noon; rain or shine
WHERE:     Stanton Ave. and Woodbine St.—site of the proposed community parklet
WHY:         A safer, more beautiful neighborhood
CONTACT:  Michael Sturges, Allegheny CleanWays Board member/ Stanton Heights resident
PHONE:      412.606.7542

Stanton Heights community volunteers are partnering with Allegheny CleanWays to host a litter clean up and beautification projects in Stanton Heights in conjunction with the Spring Redd Up on Saturday April 20th, 9:00 a.m.-noon.   The clean up will begin on the corner of the intersection of Stanton Ave. and Woodbine St.—the site of the proposed community parklet.  The morning will begin with registration off at 8:30 a.m., a brief safety talk and a description of assignments. The clean up, starting promptly at 9:00 am, will address litter beautification at the community parklet site and in the surrounding streets. There will be jobs for all ability levels.  Participants are encouraged to wear sturdy shoes, long pants and long sleeves.   Volunteers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult supervisor during the cleanup and must have a consent form signed by a parent or guardian.  Gloves and other equipment will be provided.

Individuals interested in volunteering for this event should contact Michael Sturges at 412.606.7542

Stanton Heights Neighborhood Meeting & Vote

On Wednesday, July 18th at 6:30 pm, Stanton Heights residents will gather to vote on two proposals to develop a greenspace or park at the corner of Stanton & Woodbine. To vote, residents must be a member of the Stanton Heights Neighborhood Association. Dues are $5, and you may sign up at the meeting.

When: Wednesday, July 18th, 6:30 – 8:00 pm

Where: The Commons at North Aiken – 5333 N. Aiken Ct. (Parking and entrance to the building is in the rear)

The two plans are:

PLAN 1: Contemplative Garden

  •  Seating: A few small benches.
  • New, low-maintenance, native plants and shrubs to beautify the space.
  • Clean-up and maintenance of existing trees and plants: removal of rotting trees, trimming lower branches of existing trees back to improve visibility.
  • Walking path: wheelchair accessible.
  • Lighting.
  •  Community bulletin board.
  • “Stanton Heights” sign.
  • Historical information about Stanton Heights displayed.
  • Move and combine the Stanton Ave. bus stops (subject to Port Authority approval).
  • New fence, per Comcast’s plans, near drop-off.

PLAN 2: Woodsy Walk

  • Clean-up and maintenance of existing trees and plants: removal of rotting trees, trimming lower branches of existing trees back to improve visibility.
  • Walking path: wheelchair accessible.
  • Lighting.
  • Community bulletin board.
  • “Stanton Heights” sign.
  • Historical information about Stanton Heights displayed.
  • Move and combine the Stanton Ave. bus stops (subject to Port Authority approval).
  • New fence, per Comcast’s plans, near drop-off.

** The following are not included in any Plan for the space:

  • Mosaic wall.
  • Dog park.
  • Recreational/playground equipment.


For more information:



Stanton Heights Neighborhood Association Meeting – May 16th

The next SHNA meeting will take place on Wednesday, May 16th at 6:30 pm at Sunnyside Elementary.

On the agenda:

As always, this meeting is open to all residents of Stanton Heights – please tell your neighbors and encourage them to attend! SHNA meets on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at Sunnyside Elementary, and a complete schedule can be found here:

Stanton Heights Clean Up a Success!

It was a cold and rainy morning, but close to 100 volunteers came out to help beautify the neighborhood last Saturday. Stanton Heights residents, Comcast employees, the Best Buddies program, and Allegheny Cleanways teamed up to remove debris and trash from the green space at the corner of Stanton & Woodbine streets. A project of Comcast Cares Day, Stanton Heights will receive a donation from Comcast for each volunteer who attended. (official count TBD!)

What did we find in the woods? Here’s a short list:

  • 8 tons (yes tons) of concrete
  • 2 tons of mixed debris
  • 1 ton of scrap metal
  • 36 tires
  • 28 contractor bags of garbage
  • 44 contractor bags of invasive species (Japanese knotweed and mustard seed)

WOW! It’s clear that this site had been used as a dump for a long time, but not anymore! Soon, sings will be posted discouraging anyone (landscapers, contractors, etc.) from dumping their unwanted materials in our neighborhood.

In addition to cleaning up the debris, volunteers created a community compost bin, planted a flower bed at the corner, and children painted colorful birdhouses that will be placed on trees at a later date. This was truly a collaborative effort, all led by neighborhood resident Michael Sturges, who’s tireless efforts made this happen! If you see him or his wife Jennifer tending to the new flower bed or picking up trash at the site, please stop to say “Thank You“!

Community members have already expressed their delight at seeing the transformation of the lot. The next steps for the site include continued clean up (quite a bit of concrete remains), and discussions on the formation of a small park.

Community Meeting: The Stanton Heights Neighborhood Association will hold a meeting to talk about how to best use this neighborhood greenspace at the next meeting on Wednesday, May 16th from 6:30 – 8:00 pm at Sunnyside Elementary.

We encourage you to share your thoughts on the clean up by commenting on this post. And, make sure to check out the photos below from Saturday’s event!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


What would a new community park look like?

Over the past few months, Stanton Heights neighbors have been discussing the idea of transforming a scraggly lot into a community park. With the help of Patrick Dowd’s office, local landscape designer Christine Brill has met with interested community members to talk about their ideas, concerns, and hopes to make this a space Stanton Heights can enjoy. The results of their input are compiled in the slideshow above. It is important to note that these design ideas are still merely that – ideas – and are open to further community feedback. A final plan has not been agreed upon, and there are still several hurdles to cross before making this dream a reality. No additional planning meetings are scheduled yet, but we will update our blog, facebook page, and email list as those occur and invite all interested community members to attend.
If you have comments or concerns, please send us a note: stantonheightspgh (at)

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