What would a new community park look like?

Over the past few months, Stanton Heights neighbors have been discussing the idea of transforming a scraggly lot into a community park. With the help of Patrick Dowd’s office, local landscape designer Christine Brill has met with interested community members to talk about their ideas, concerns, and hopes to make this a space Stanton Heights can enjoy. The results of their input are compiled in the slideshow above. It is important to note that these design ideas are still merely that – ideas – and are open to further community feedback. A final plan has not been agreed upon, and there are still several hurdles to cross before making this dream a reality. No additional planning meetings are scheduled yet, but we will update our blog, facebook page, and email list as those occur and invite all interested community members to attend.
If you have comments or concerns, please send us a note: stantonheightspgh (at) gmail.com

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